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Spain is known to many tourists as the hot spot to enjoy the weather, beaches, and explore new attractions, but it's also the home for culinary experiences.

The variety of food and the way it is eaten across Spain is something people personally enjoy and is a part of Spanish culture. One of the nation's favourites and must-try food is Tapas of Spanish cuisine.

Sometimes tapas have been confused with appetizers and 8-course meals, but it is rather a fantastic selection of different dishes that come together for you to enjoy with delicious sangria on the side.

What is a Tapa?

The word "Tapa" literally translates as "lids". Many people say it is referred to sliced cheeses or any cured meat for covering the wine glass. But, Today's tapas are different. It is like a collection of multiple dishes, just like a platter.

Many people refer to Tapa as serving food instead of calling it a dish since you will be getting many small portions of different dishes. Many people and food columnists suggest Tapas' origin backs to the 13th century when King Alfonso X from Castille fell ill.

He usually had a small portion of dishes instead of the entire meal. As he was recovering, the small dishes were served to the guest for them to enjoy as snacking. And also, for avoiding drinking wine on an empty stomach.

It later was adopted as the first form of tapas and then became a style of eating food across Spain.

The endless variations of Tapas

From Valencia, Granada to Barcelona, there are many variations of tapas for you to try.

Since it is a style of eating and serving a small portion, it is for sharing and enjoying with friends. Here are a few delicious tapas dishes you will find at Quiero restaurant and that are some of the most traditional dishes from the Spanish food culture:

  • CALAMARES DE LA CASA: it is breaded and fried calamari rings (Squid), topped with mayonnaise.

  • ALITAS DE POLLO AL AJILLO: Marinated chicken wings with garlic sauce.

  • ALBONDINGAS DE POLLO / QUESO / TERNERA: Chicken meatballs / Cheese balls / Beef meatballs with house sauce.

  • GAMBAS SALTEADAS: Fresh prawns sautéed with garlic and chilli

  • CROQUETAS DE POLLO / PESCADO / VERDURA: Chicken / Fish / Vegetable Croquettes

  • GAZPACHO ANDALUZ: Traditional Spanish tomato soup, served chilled.

  • EMPANADAS DEL DIA: A pie that can be stuffed with meat or vegetables.

  • MEJILLONES CON SALSA VERDE: Mussels with green garlic sauce

  • PATATAS BRAVAS: It is one of the satisfying dishes in Tapa. The fried potatoes topped with a tomato sauce or spicy sauce are heavenly - a must to try.

  • PAN TOSTADO CON TOMATE Y ALLIOLI: Toasted bread with tomato and garlic mayonnaise.

  • TORTILLA DE PATATAS: Traditional Spanish omelette made with potato and onion, accompanied by allioli.

  • VERDURA EN TEMPURA: Breaded vegetables with creamy garlic sauce.

  • PATATAS FRITAS CON JAMÓN DE POLLO Y QUESO: Freshly peeled potatoes with chicken breast and cheese.

  • CHAMPIÑONES CON SALSA VERDE: Fried mushrooms with green sauce.

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Tapas: The best way to enjoy Spanish food

The best way to understand Tapas - is by trying it out of course!

You usually find Tapas in every corner of Spain, and each city has its own twist to it. Quiero Spanish Restaurant offers its tasty tapas menu for delivery all over Dubai.

Tapas is an excellent choice for trying out the different Spanish flavours instead of getting an entire one-dish meal. The options in tapas include all known flavours and texture from bread to an omelette, from meat to cheese and you will always be surprised by the variations.

So what are you waiting for?

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