Spanish Desserts: Churros, Crema Catalan, Flan (Creme Caramel) and Much More.

You may be familiar with Spanish seafood, tapas, and paella, but do you know about Spain’s desserts?

Thick and creamy or soft and cheesy, Spain is a great country for anyone with a sweet tooth. If you are looking for some of the most loved Spanish desserts, here are a few you should try!

1. Churros

Even if you don't know much about Spanish cuisine, you will now churros!

These delicious, crispy from the outside and soft, golden brown, deep-fried sticks are a great snack to munch on. Moreover, you can dust cinnamon sugar on top or drizzle chocolate syrup and enjoy.

Either way, churros is a fantastic dessert or snack you simply can't get enough off.

2. Tarta De Santiago

Tarta De Santiago is a traditional Spanish dessert that goes back to the 15th century.

It is one of the oldest and classic Spanish desserts. It is almost the same as an almond cake. It is made using almonds, almond zest, and orange zest. This cake is very refreshing and is loaded with citrusy and almond flavors.

It is moist and is usually served with tea or coffee. You can usually find this cake with a “St. James Cross: stencilled on the top of it.

3. Crema Catalan

In simple words, Crema Catalan is the Spanish version of the famous French crème brûlée. You can say that the two are district cousins.

You get a velvety and creamy milky custard that melts in your mouth, taking over your taste buds. It is topped with a crunchy layer of melted sugar that sets a beautiful contrast between the crispy top and the creamy custard underneath.

4. Leche Frita

Also called fried milk, this dessert is unlike anything you have ever tasted.

It is milk pudding that is coated with breadcrumbs and fried. The crispy outside and decadent inside make this dessert very special. Top it up with a scoop of ice cream or a citrusy syrup, and enjoy!

5. Spanish Sponge Cake

This cake is very moist, fluffy, and utterly delicious. Although it may seem like a traditional sponge cake, what sets this Spanish version apart is that it is made using olive oil and infused with lemon juice and almonds. Dust it with icing sugar, glaze it with sugar syrup and serve with fresh fruits; this cake is a great dessert.

Furthermore, you can also enjoy with for breakfast or merienda (Snack).

6. Flan (Cream Caramel)

You can find flan in several cuisines. It is actually a giggly custard with a caramel sauce on top, among the many different types of flan.

Spanish flan stands apart. That's because it has a rich caramel flavor. The base or the custard is quite eggy and milky with not overpoweringly sweet. It's the topping which is a caramel sauce that has a rich, sugary flavor.

You get a hint of smokiness in here because of the toasted sugar.

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