5 favourite Spanish Dishes you must try at a Spanish restaurant

No matter in which corner of the world you land, you will find something intriguing about it that makes that place unique. Among every other thing, culture and cuisine are the two most important parameters that can tell a lot about that region or country.

Among the main prominent cuisines around the world, Spanish cuisine has a unique position. The cuisine has been developed over centuries with the use of ingredients and flavours that are nothing but tantalizing.

If you want to enjoy the true essence of Spanish cuisine at a Spanish restaurant, here are the five top Spanish dishes you should try:

1. Croquetas De Pollo / Pescado / Verdura

In simple words, Croquetas or croquettes are a type of nuggets that are made from a bechamel sauce and are coasted with eggs and bread crumbs.

They are then fried to get a beautiful golden colour and crispy crust. Although croquette has their roots in French Cuisine, they are very popular in Spanish cuisine as well.

They are often served as snacks along with a drink.

2. Gazpacho Andaluz

This cold soup is the ultimate solution to a hot summer day. Made with ripe tomatoes, cucumber, garlic, herbs and pepper, this red and rich tomato cold soup is served in a bowl or a glass.

You can enjoy it as a starter with toasted bread or as a tapas, i.e. Snack as well. Especially in Andalucía, you can find it in a big jar waiting to greet you at the tapas bars.

3. Tortilla De Patatas

Another utterly delicious tapas dish is the Tortilla de patatas. It is actually a Spanish omelette with three main ingredients, i.e. Eggs, caramelized onions and fried potatoes.

This dish is simple yet tasteful and will have you hooked to eat more.

4. Arroz Negro

Also known as black paella. This unique dish is made from rice, olive oil, paprika, peppers, and garlic cooked in a seafood broth. It also uses shrimps or cuttlefish as a protein. The reason why this rice dish stands out is its colour. It is jet black.

The colour mainly comes from squid ink that is the main ingredient. This dish is most commonly served for lunch and but works great for dinner also.

5. Crema Catalana

No meal is complete without a dessert. And the Spanish take dessert very seriously.

Crema Catalana is undoubtedly the most popular Spanish dessert that you will see on every Spanish restaurant's menu. It is made using milk, lemon peel, orange peel, egg yolks, sugar and corn starch. The thick custard is infused with a citrusy flavour.

This dessert is topped with a layer of sugar crust that gives you a satisfying sound as you tap it with the back of your spoon. In fact, I think it is justified to call Crema Catalana the Spanish Crème Brûlée.

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